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About Us

Bind is a software development company founded in 2015.
Our mission is to provide quality and performant software while keeping up with the latest technologies and trends.
We strive to continuously deliver fast, quality and scalable software while taking care to keep maintenance cost at the minimum.
Our philosophy is not just about developing product, it is the ease of use of the applications we provide.
We are located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Methodology
Identify Value -> Discovery Questions -> Goal Creation -> Evaluate Outcomes -> Measure Success
We focus on developing and delivering solutions in professional and fast manner.
From test driven development to user testing. Quality assurance before deployment
AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM cloud infrastructure. Benefit from automation, continuous delivery, cloud or serverless.

Close the gap between good idea and great execution.

Let us help you develop your idea, and make it into a reality. We are experienced in developing both consumer and enterprise software on Mobile, Web and Desktop platforms.
Contact us to get a free consultation meeting and get some pointers on how to take the first step turning your idea into a Product.


Native, Hybrid or PWA? We'll help you understand pros and cons between those three choices, and make sure you choose the one that's best suited for your project.
We develop for both iOS and Android platforms.

We focus on creating exceptional custom rich web applications. But we don’t just create web applications, we build solutions that are specific to your business processes and needs. We take pride in the fact that every new website and application we produce for our clients is tailor-made, with a unique UI/UX designed specifically for their business needs.

We develop platform-specific and cross-platform desktop applications to help you turn a good software idea into a great product. Our applications are developed and designed for ensuring optimum functionality, speed, and security through a user friendly interface for easy understanding and adaptation in day to day work.

We are not afraid to tackle installing and maintaining servers, virtual machines, containers, databases and other infrastructure, but we found serverless approach to be more efficient in most cases and we use it whenever it’s possible.
We strive to continuously deliver fast, quality and scalable software while taking care to keep maintenance cost at the minimum. We deploy software on AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM cloud infrastructure and we love to utilize what those platforms provide.
Contact us if you are interested for additional information and to find out what are the real benefits of automation, continuous delivery, cloud, serverless, and also how it can affect maintenance cost while your software is always prepared to scale up or down depending on current demands.

Project management

Every project needs to be managed, team needs collaboration, while software needs to be tested and delivered fast without or with minimum interruptions and downtime on production environment.

We use git as our primary version control system. Our software repositories are located on premise, AWS CodeCommit, BitBucket and GitHub.

Continuous delivery process includes automated tests, code reviews, staging environments and managed delivery to production. We use AWS developer tools and Jenkins.

We work in agile environment and use a lot of tools to support it. Team collaboration mostly relies on Slack and Trello boards. Our team works on premise and remote, while tools that we use keep communication on the highest possible level. We have regular meetings and team standups while issues are triaged and tracked with supporting tools.

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